DBox Storage

The ideal solution for all sorts of storage issues.
Renovating your home and your furniture is standing in the way?
You need to empty your elderly parents’ home and you need more time to sort things out?
Going abroad for a few years? DBox is your answer.

About Us

Starting out as a moving company in 1989, we’ve always had experience with storing our clients’ furniture. It started out with a few wooden crates in our own stockroom, in between moving boxes and other moving equipment. As the years passed the demand just got bigger and we decided to look for a better system to store. 
We got to know the American storage system with metal units and fell in love with the functionality and clean look of it. In 2017, we remodeled the whole 1st floor of our building in Zele and switched from the wooden crates into the new system. Which meant we gained more than 50% storage capacity.

This turned out to be the best decision we could’ve made, because after 6 months our storage units were fully rented out.

Besides our ‘pick-up’ moving services, more and more clients also wished to use the selfstorage option. In 2022 Dbox Storage saw the light with the opening of the new building in Dendermonde. 


How Our Storage Works

Find the right unit

A 3m³ box for archives or a 40m³ for a complete household? Our volume calculator will help ou find the right one!

Reserve your unit

Follow the steps on our website and get your login to manage your rent. Are you and the internet no best friends? Just give us a call.

Pack you belongings

You’re probably storing your goods for a while, so packing them in a proper way is important. Check our webshop for materials.

Move in

Need help from our moving service? You have your own transport or another moving company? At DBox, every moving in option is fine.

Our Boxes

Why storing your goods with DBox storage?

7 Days / Week access

Do you need something out of your storage box? No problem, with your personal code you have 7/7 access and you are not dependent on anyone


We guarantee a safe place for all your personal belongings. Only you can enter your box using your code. In addition, your box is continuously monitored by our cameras

Personal code

With your personal code you or another family member can access your box at any time

Rent online

On our website you will find everything you need to arrange your entire move online. You choose to what extent you carry out the move yourself and the equipment and volume you need