How it works

As no other, we understand that you don’t just give your personal belongings into everyone’s hands. Confidence is important and we want to offer that to you by working transparently. That way you know where you stand and you can start packing without worries.

Book your box online. If you need help, give us a call

Using our volume calculator, you can calculate the volume you need for all your items. That way you can book the storage box that is just right for you.

Confirmation mail with documents to sign

When you have found the right storage box and you booked it online, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from us, as well as the documents that we ask you to sign. That way, everything is in straight and clear from the start.

Activation of your personal storage

When we have all the information and documents, we will prepare your box immediately. We will activate your personal code with which you have access to your box 24/7.

Start filling up

Yes!! You can start packing! Be sure to check out our webshop where you can find all kinds of carton boxes and handy storage materials that make packing even more efficient and, above all, safer. That way, your belongings have the best treatment. If you want to use our pickup service, check out this page for more info.

Why storing your goods with DBox storage?

7 Days / Week access

Do you need something out of your storage box? No problem, with your personal code you have 24/7 access and you are not dependent on anyone


We guarantee a safe place for all your personal belongings. Only you can enter your box using your code. In addition, your box is continuously monitored by our cameras

Personal code

With your personal code you or another family member can access your box at any time

Rent online

On our website you will find everything you need to arrange your entire move online. You choose to what extent you carry out the move yourself and the equipment and volume you need