Pickup service​

If you do not have the means or helping hands to bring your belongings to the storage, then you can always use our Pickup Moving service.
Important: Make you booking in time!

DBox and De Borger Verhuis.

Although Dbox only stands for storage and warehouse, we still go hand in hand with De Borger Verhuis. The same family business on the one hand and yet 2 very separate operations on the other.

In case you’re not in the possibility to fill your storagebox, you can enable De Borger Verhuis to do this for you. Whether or not with your own help.

Moving without worries

With many years of experience, you can call on our moving service to move all your belongings.
We have a large fleet of vehicles that can be appointed to move the items you want.

Are you moving to an appartement? No problem! We use our lift to get your belongings to any level you want until the 10th floor.

The sky is our limit!
Furthermore, it is also possible to rent a lift when you have your own truck or vehicle available.

How can I use the pick-up service?

Very simple! Contact us via 09 367 89 88 – info@deborger.be or via our contact page on the website. Together we look for your desired moving date and we plan your storagebox at the same time.